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Deliverance / Exorcism Notes:
Setup & Preperation
Things for Minister to be aware of
  • Don't let a spirit do any kind of witchcraft with their hands, to curse you. Watch for any eratic hand movements, if you see them, say "I cut that off in Jesus Name"  Don't allow the spirit to call other spirits for help.
  • You may see puking, burping, gas etc during exorcism.
  • Exorcism is much easier once person receives healing for their wounds.
  • There is a difference between an evil spirit giving up it's legal right, and being cast out. Casting it out is necessary, and only do it after a legal right is removed.
  • You'll need to quickly notice personality changes to tell who you're dealing with.
  • You'll need to speak with all confidence.
  • You need to study to be aware of the many different types of spirits, etc. Jezebel, Infirmity, Moloc, balzebub, etc.
  • Systematically weaking the evil spirits, so they can be forced to go.
  • 1-Confront the demon, 2-Identify the demon, 3-Deal with the demon, 4-Cast out the demon.
  • demons will try hard to prevent you from identifing them.
  • If people get violent, you can bind them in the spiritual.
  • You're not having a dialog with a demon, you're having an interigation. Don't let them just speak anything they want.
  • Be ready with scriputre verses to counteract any specific demon.
  • A person needs to forgive to be free.
  • If a exorcism is going too smoothly or easily, suspect there might be something hiding. If a demon is not worried, then they got some trick the try to pull on you.
  • A team of ministers can help with the deliverance, incase the leader forgets some aspect.
  • How a demon gets in, is not necessarily how it stays in. There are entry ways and strong holds.
  • Evil spirit may be wearing rings, bracelets or crowns or other things that give it power, these will not be visable physically, but these things should be destoryed.
by Ministers
  • Praise the Worship Music helpful.
  • Fasting & Pre-Prayer.
  • Pray that God would force all demons to manifest in an audience.
  • Walking around the audience with a Cross, looking into people eyes to see any manifestations.
  • You can start calling out types of evil spirits that your comming against in the audience. i.e. (4 Dominant ones, Anger, Hate, Rage, Murder) I put the blood of Jesus on your.


With a Person

  • Anoint a person's head with oil.
  • Show the person that you love them.
  • Is any emotional healing necessary? (Critical)
  • Show the person that the Church Audience is for them, not against them, we love them and will support them, even though an exorcism can look very embarassing.
  • Have strong people next to them, in case they get violent.
  • Have the Church Audience pray for this person in unity.


by Minister
  • Get to the point of their pain, i.e. rejection, molestation, unforgiveness.
  • "What's the worst thing that happened to you?"


Getting Permission

  • "Do you want to be free from these evil spirits?"
  • "You got demons, do you want to be set free?"
by Minister
  • "You don't have to be ashamed any more. Jesus forgives you."
  • "Jesus takes your guilt and shame away from you. Jesus bore it on the Cross."
  • Let the Church affirm this person, "We Love You. We are your friends, we are with you. We'll see you through this."
by Person
  • "I give myself to Jesus Christ, the Son of God."
  • "I belong to Jesus Christ. I accept the blood of Jesus."
  • "I accept Jesus' blood to cover me & all my sin."
  • "I confess Christ. He is my Lord and Savior."
by Person
  • "Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins. (Name sins) "
  • "Jesus, please cover me with Your blood."
  • "Jesus, please help me. Jesus, please set me free."
  • "I call upon the true God, Jesus Christ, to deliver me."
Identify & Deal with evil spirits, Gather Information
by Person
  •  "I, (name), go to the root of all this pain. Where ever it started, what ever evil was done. I renounce that evil and I break that curse."


  • by Minister
  • "Get up and face me. Fully UP!"
  • "(Put a cross of oil on the forehead) In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
  • "Holy Spirit, if this demon tells a lie, torment them. Don't let them speak any lie."
  • "I divide Soul and Spirit, I divine (NAME) from the evil spirit inside of her. I'm now speaking to the (spirit)"
  • I command the demon who God is calling to judgement, to come forth. I command the next demon who God is calling to judgement, to come forth.
by Minister
  •  "What's your name? Who are you?"
  • "How did you get there?" - Once you know this, you know if there is a specific door that needs to be closed. (i.e. Sin, Generation, Occult, Abandonment, Addiction, Abuse, Abuse is often the most common.)
  • "Who is the chief and strong man?" (Don't just cast out some throw away minor demon, get the main one, and all under him.)
  • "Who is with you? Who else?"
  • "Do you have a legal right? YES/NO. What is your legal right?"    "NO. Then your're there illegally, you have to go."   "YES. What right?"
  • "Do you have any other rights to be there?"
  • "How many generations have you been here?"
  • "How long have you been in this person?" (The longer, the more intrenched it is, and the more you need to weaken it.)
  • "What happened # generations ago? What got you going?"
  • "Was there a blood sacrifice? Human or Animal?"
  • Once you know the name of the demon, (i.e. bitterness, rage, murder, rejection) you know what type of ministry is necessary for that person. Find scripture to counteract that emotion.


by Minister
  •  "Look at me."
  • "Don't you lie to the Holy Spirit. If you lie to the Holy Spirit, then may God strike you."
  • "spirit, you're going to learn to do exactly what the Man of God says. you're going to obey me."
  • "spirit, you don't curse the Man of God."
  • "Go down, I want to talk with (Person's Name)."
  • "Get up, (STRONG MAN)"
  • "(Name) come back to me."
  • "I put the blood line between you and me. You cannot Cross. You can't hurt me."
  • "What curses did you bring?"
  • "I command you to shutup in Jesus name, you don't speak unless I allow you to speak."
  • I tie the girdle of truth around you, you will NOT lie.
by Minister, using Bible, Cross, Oil, Sword
  • "I torment you, in Jesus Name."
  • "I Pierce you with the Sword of the Holy Spirit. according to Hebrews 4:12"
  • "With the 3 fold cord of Ecclesiasties 4:12, I bind all the evil spirits together."
  • "I Bind you up, in Jesus Name."
  • "I release the anointing that breaks the yoke on you."
  • "For what you did to this person, receive the wrath and torment of God, 7 times greater to you!"
  • I command the Angels of God to strike you and torment you.
  • The Angel of the Lord binds your hands and limbs.

by Person

  • Bring up the person so they can resounce/break that Sin/Covenant/curse:
  • "I renounce all wickedness that I or my past Generations have committed."
  • "I, (NAME) renounce the curse against me and my past generations."
  • "This curse is broken. I break this curse. I pull it up by it's root."
  • "I, (NAME) renounce the sins of my ancestor. Who committed (SIN)"
RENOUNCE satan and demons, curses
  • "I, (NAME) renounce the demons inside of me."
  • "satan and all you demons, you no longer have my life. I renounce all these spirits."
  • "satan, demons, you have to go out of my life. demons you have to leave me."
  • "demons you have to leave my family, leave my children."
  • "I renounce all false gods of Hinduism/bhudism/etc, and every blood covenant."
  • I break ever curse on me. I break the curse of (sin).
  • "I, (NAME), break this curse of (SIN), in my family's past generations."
Casting Out
by demon
  •  "I, (STRONG MAN), bind myself to all my kingdom. I bind myself to all other evil spirits."
  • "I, (STRONG MAN) renounce all my rights to this person, her family, her children, and future generations."
  • "We all, lift the curse on this person, his/her children, and all the future generations."
  • "We all, loose this person. We all, surrender this person."



by demon
  • "We release the anointing and calling on this person's life"
  • "We have no right to this man/woman of God. We have no right to his/her future generations."
  • "We, surrender and pay back everything we stole from this person."
  • "We renouce all claim to this person, and all parts of this person."
  • "We receive the Judgment of Almighty God. We receive the wrath of Almighty God, for what we did to this man/woman."
  • "We all, go now, bound up, to torment in the Pit!"


  • Minister "Come out. Come out in Jesus Name. Everyone Help me."
  •  "No one stayes, the Holy Spirit now drives you out."
Cast Evil Spirits Out
All Ministers Helping.
by Minister
  • "Who did this for you? Who gets all the Glory? Jesus"
  • "I Bless you. I Bless your family, and your children."
  • "You are blessed. (HUG)"
  • After an Exorcism, annoint the person with oil on the head, declare God's Spirit would fill all the parts where this evil spirit has been, and restore all that was destoryed or stolen.
  • "I anoint you in Jesus name. Peace to you. Be filled with God."
  • Make sure all spirits are out, none hiding.
  • Alter Ego- "Jesus, help me. Jesus, save me."
  • Minister- "Jesus is coming to help you."
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