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The SpiritLessons / DivineRevelations website receives many new Testimonies from around the world, by people who testify of Revelations by Jesus. These testimonies are very valuable, but like the 1st century church, they needed to refine out what exactly was from the Lord and what was not.

On the DivineRevelations site, we are NOT canonizing scripture here. The Bible is sufficient!  We were never given permission by God to add His scripture.  We are just investigating Face to Face encounters with Jesus Christ.  None of these testimonies have gone through the rigorous, thorough, centuries long testing that the Bible has gone through. If something contradicts with clear scripture, please note that in the comment section, and reject it.   I never allow people's revelations to contradict verbatim scripture. Revelation is not given to establish doctrin, but it can give weight to one interpretation over another. If any revelation contradicts clear scripture, I reject it. For the Bible is my foundation of doctrine. But I will allow revelations to challenge my interpretation of scripture. And I will not pridefully hold up my interpretation of scripture as infallible.

Things to remember when viewing revelations.
1. There MAY be mistranslations from the original testimony, or places where an author is just not clear enough in their description.
2. Try to see if there are any contradictions between different revelations of Jesus Christ. You can trust what the Lord says to his prophets, but you can't always trust how these prophets convey that message. I've come to the conclusion that if 2 prophets have conflicting visions, I will default to the message of the more mature, experienced and trained prophet. Untrained prophets often spread confusion into the Church, though their gifting is real, sometimes they just blunder in their administration of it.
3. Also remember that we don't care about the author's opinions, ideas or speculation.  We only really care about what Jesus told them. There are many good people of God who can have misunderstandings in their opinions. No one's opinions are perfect.  Hopefully they won't share opinions in their testimonies, we just want the FACTS!  WHAT WAS THE MESSAGE FROM JESUS?  We ask the author NOT to mix in their personal ideas with revelation. (That would mislead people.)
4. Also, regarding sin, remember that the Lord weighs the Motives of the Heart.  Two people can do the same thing, and the Lord judges differently.  Therefore if one person claims an actions can lead a person to Hell, we're looking for a clear definition of what that sin is, not just a vague description. And we need a biblical reference for any such judgment that would send a person to hell.  i.e. One revelation may show people in Hell for getting drunk, and yet someone may say Jesus drank, therefore it can't be a sin. God judges differently than we do.
5. If satan, our enemy, is trying to sneak in any false revelation (i.e. Wearing pants lead women to Hell), we need to correctly identify what it is, and start weeding it out. Deception can be cloaked among the truth, to mislead us, so we need to pray for discernment.
We have been warned by Prophets that in the demonic realm (2nd Heaven), satan has a fake heaven set up, as well as a fake hell, and he can take people there (in real encounters) to promote deceptions regarding the real Heaven (3rd Heaven) and Hell. (I've personally seen the fake hell.) This can make it very hard for us to discern what is divine, and what is not. But we must make the attempt to correctly divide the true from the false.
6. The Grace, Blessings, and Mercy of God; all the Promisses, Goodness and Glory of God is meaningless to the person who ends up in Hell. He forfiets every good thing. Therfore, getting a clear understanding of the Walls of Salvation, is critical.

So get your bibles, pray hard and hammer out these testimonies.   

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