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Hi, my name is

ann elizabeth peterson

And yes - I am the Founder of RealOrange.

I am thrilled you have come to this website, as it was developed for you - the treasure of your maker and your creator - Almighty God !

My quest for sharing his love for you, his created - started in the year of 2001, when I was a very fortunate individual who was allowed a very special visit from him.

The Lord found me in a very pitiful, hopeless - sinful condition. I had loved God with all of my heart ever since I had found out that he first loved me - back at the age of nineteen.

The Lord found me as a runaway in the streets of Ames Iowa - selling magazines and he let me know then that if I asked his Son, Jesus Christ to come into my heart and to forgive me of all my sins that he would and that God would then be - My Father. Also, the Lord informed me that God could do anything for us and we could have a life filled with hope instead of utter, total despair. To my utter joy and shock - this turned out to be true and God has always taken very good care of me.

But, one year arrived - the year of 1998 - When I was severely crushed from an injury. I had prayed for three solid years for God to heal my broken body - as the damage that had been done to me was quite severe. I was told by the medical doctors that I would never live a normal life again. All they could offer me was sympathy and pharmaceuticals. The only problem with that was - I grew worse, much worse.

One great day in the year of 2001 - The Lord Jesus Christ arrived to see me, with a host of heavenly angels in all of their glory. The Lord was very kind. He healed my broken body and he taught me about life. The fact that we leave the earth one day and that we must make a choice here to be free of Lucifer and his destiny - his future in the lake of fire. The Lord took me into Heaven and also into Hell. The Lord also showed me my mother, who had "died" seven years prior of breast cancer. She looked beautiful and ecstatic to be with God and to live with him in Heaven.

I was amazed at the beauty of the Lord - I was so touched that the one that created all of us adores us and wants the very best for us. I was also alarmed at the fact of the existence of satan (Lucifer) and how he has corrupted the earth and the precious people upon it - to God's sorrow.

It is the heart of Almighty God that his creation be free from this psychotic lead rebel and be free of a destiny in the lake of fire. God wants you to be protected here and he also desires for you to live in Heaven with him when you leave the earth. God desires that all of his creation bathe and swim through the book he has written for all of us to live by - The Holy Bible, on a daily basis.

God wants for all of us to get to know him well here - so that we will all smile at his beaming face the day we leave the planet and arrive in a place designed for all of us, with him  - Heaven is the name of that place.

I have written a beautiful book about my experience with the Lord, it is named - " The Nu Eve - The Funeral Surprise " and will be out shortly for you - I will keep you posted on the website as to the status of the book.

I want to say, " I love you " from Almighty God  - He adores you with all of his heart.

With Great Love and Respect For All of You - His Beautiful Creation,

ann elizabeth peterson 

I want you to know that I am on the radio seven nights per week, I would love for you to join me, just click below:

* ann's  radio  show

God's Richest Blessings Be Upon You & Your Precious Families !



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