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25 Interviews of Healing Miracles

All healing were from the Lakeland Florida Healing Outpouring with Todd Bentley and Freshfire Ministries, each one is in MP3 format, short 1 - 2 minutes.  Investigations were done independent of Todd Bentley's ministry, and no notice was given to their ministry about these interviews. (May 20-26, 2008) Whenever possible, healing were verified by me ([email protected]) in person, and collaborated by Friends, Family or Pastors.  Contact information (e-mail) is given for these people, so that you can do further investigations.  Many these recorded healings are of a type that could not be faked or hyped up by the excitement of the moment.  I personally witnessed 100s of other people who testified of being healed, but with such large crowds I was not able to get to them.   Also, since I've come back from the revival, there has now seen 8 people who have claimed that my prayers led to their healing (Out of ~40). This just was not happening before I went.

This Healing revival is another part of the Christian Civil War.  Each person was asked if they saw anything unbiblical or unscriptural at the Outpouring, here is their response (MP3) [WMV]  

Angela White: Her sons face was reconstructed in front of 1000s of people.  New bone structures were put into place, his eyes moved into horizontal alignment from different corners of his face, new muscles appeared, divots were taken out of his head, acne removed.  She was shown this healing long ago in a vision when her son was born. (Angela prefers not to be contacted)

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Daniel Corbo: Healed of a very rare disease that cuts his spine in half, crippling him.  Unable to walk without a cane, I verified him running with no cane.



George: Healed of severe pain, Healing of near blindness in 1 eye, restored to perfect vision.  And site given to a missing eye. Yes! I confirmed it, his right eye is missing, he pulled out his glass eye and showed it to me.  Now he is able to see shadows through his missing eye!  2 amputated legs, 1 grew 1.5 inches, and now prosthetic legs don't fit. His pastor was there to confirm what he said.

Dan Taylor: Healed by a word of knowledge of a very rare disease, even few doctors know about, (existed 5 generations in his family) (familiar periodic paralysis)
Jean: Her daughter received a healing impartation over the cell phone, which lead to a baby (dead by drowning) coming back to life!
  • Jean  (MP3)    
Chandler Hutson:  Healed of Cystic fibrosis.


  Chriss McCall: Pastor's wife Patty healed by a word of knowledge from Todd Bentley of cracking in her knees.
Carolyn Adar Sill: Daughter healed of addictions through watching God.tv   Dennis Brown:  Verified a friend (Peter) was healed by watching God.tv of a Cyst, Cyst instantly removed.  Testified that another friend was healed of a respiratory sickness.
Debbie Evans: Given the healing mantle, sensation of fire hit her head and hands.   Harren Howard: Healed of a physical hole in heart since birth, which caused her a stroke.


Carol Stit:  Leg lengthened, bone structure visibly changed.   Jamie Cheer:  Healed of horrible neck pains at revival.


Jody Plank: Mother healed of Degenerative disk disease (jumped out of her wheelchair), healed of intestinal bleeding which disrupted digestion and was leading to starvation. During prayer she felt a fireball hit her abdomen and was healed. Even the scan from the surgery was healed.   Kelly Norman: Received the fire of the healing impartation, when she went back home, a friend was healed of Lymphoma Cancer stage 4. Friend actually felt fire come from Kelly's hands.


Jennifer Troff:  Healed of Cystic fibrosis, lung disorder and numerous infections.
Pastor Karen West: Healed by watching revival on God.tv by a word of knowledge, healed of Heat Flashes.


Mindy Vonvill: Through a cell phone call, a baby with dysfunctional kidneys, was healed.  Mother physically felt the power of God go through her body.   2nd healing: 8 years of Fibromyalgia was healed.   Rebecca:  Woman was healed of Fibromyalgia which caused sleeping disorders.


Rick Bo:  Trucker healed of severe lower back pain, felt heat over his body and the pain left.   Robin Kann:  While slain in the spirit she was given visions & healed of Hepatitis C (Genotype 1a) which was shutting down kidney function and causing intestinal problems.  She was on 9 different narcotics & 4 different drugs for her liver, and unable to move very far without pain.


Kelsey: Watching the revival on God.tv she was slain in the spirit and shown that she had un-forgiveness and resentment inside.
Riley: While watching the revival on God.tv, 8 people laid hands on a girl named Riley, who had severe stomach pain caused by the removal of the gall bladder. Riley felt the power of God go through her body (heat & electricity), and was healed.   Susan Hurley: Felt intense heat while being prayed for at the revival. Thyroid was healed.


Vicky Duffy:  Healed of heart murmurs and skipping.   Anonymous: sorry, I missed the part where she said her name :( 
A Lady witness many people come out of wheelchairs and witnessed a 6 year old boy healed of deafness.



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