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Divine Healing Technician Training Course

The John G. Lake ministry has over 1,000,000 recorded healings, and has trained over 40,000 people in the healing ministry.  Now this training course is available free of charge.  Please listen, learn and Get to Work!  Many more updated training videos and CDs are available on their official website,

Disclaimer: John G. Lake ministries is not affiliated with this website (, and does not necessarily endorse any material shown on other pages. Permission has been granted for distribution of the Divine Healing Technician Training Course, a set of 19 teaching episodes by Curry Blake of the John G. Lake Ministry.  No profit may be made from any of this media, it is solely for free distribution.  For more information on the John G. Lake Ministry or to Donate to their ministry please go to their official website. (        

Divine Healing
Technician Training Course

These have no moving pictures.

Divine Healing Technician Training, individual MP3 files:

All 19 MP3 Files Zipped: Divine Healing Technician (ZIP)  (170mb)

Track 1 (10mb) Track 2 (11mb) Track 3 (5mb) Track 4 (10mb) Track 5 (8mb)
Track 6 (8mb) Track 7 (9mb) Track 8 (11mb) Track 9 (8mb) Track 10 (9mb)
Track 11 (8mb) Track 12 (10mb) Track 13 (10mb) Track 14 (8mb) Track 15 (10mb)
Track 16 (12mb) Track 17 (9mb) Track 18 (8mb) Track 19 (11mb)  



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