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Huge Files, Please use a Download Manager for these files, which is able to resume broken downloads where they left off, without restarting the whole download process.

For the Bill Wiese Videos:

High Quality Reference Version for viewing: (300 mb)
(Reference Version is the Best)

But for burning DVDs, VCDs and Videos, Master Reproduction, Re-mastering/Editing (650mb huge)

For the old Bill Wiese Video, not as polished, but still a good sermon goto (172mb)

For the Latest DVD of Bill Wiese, no References. (1 GIG, Huge File, only Download if you plan to Distribute to others by making DVDs)

The reason I hide them is because they take away a lot of my server bandwidth, and are not necessary for just casual viewing, but only group presentations or VCD, DVD Viewing, and Editing.

For Ian McCormack's High Quality Video:
Remember, a VCD and DVD use MPG format, so your VCD/DVD software will need to be able convert WMV files.


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