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Many Cut Up Videos are located at this Link.

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Please send any additional Video Websites to ...  robert@brownells.net  ... or any other changes.

www.MSN.com, www.KU6.com, www.wangyou.com
www.GodTube.com, www.Mofile.com, www.5show.com, www.ifilm.com, www.Metacafe.com, www.AtomFilms.com,
www.imeem.com, www.gofish.com, www.veoh.com, www.livevideo.com, www.yikers.com
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www.56.com, www.Tudou.com, www.YouKu.com, www.6.cn, dv.ouou.com, www.seehaha.com
www.yijian.com, www.tvix.cn, www.biku.com, www.uume.com, www.cnboo.com, you.video.sina.com.cn,
www.quxiu.com, http://v.wangyou.com, v.9you.com, www.maidee.com, www.pomoho.com, www.rox.com.cn,


Upload Christian Videos to Video Sites.
How to Edit Videos to make them Ready to Upload to Video Sites, like Youtube.com (10 Minute Segments, or under 100mb)

VIDEO SITES have different requirements for what videos they allow. For example, Youtube allows only 15 Minutes Clips, (up to 2GB). Yet other sites, allow longer videos, yet limit you to only 100MB. So to put a Christian video in the right format, you'll need to use a Video Conversion Program. It can both Chop up videos into 10 minutes segments, or it can compress a video down to 100 MB. But it only makes WMV files. Click here for Full Instructions.

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