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Christian CD Burning/Distributing is a very fruitful ministry.  For very little money, we can give someone a powerful gospel message on a CD or DVD.  For the cost of buying just 1 Christian book and sharing it with someone, I can now distribute about 50 to 100 Christian CDs.

We are hoping to get enough CD Burning Volunteers in many countries, so that these important messages will go out all over the world.  Currently many people can burn their own CDs, VCDs and DVDs, but there are plenty of non-technical people that need our help, and many Christians living in far away countries without CD burners.

Being a Volunteer CD Burner does not obligate you to anything, it just says that you are a "Potential Volunteer".  If you are not able to handle an e-mail request for CDs, then you would just reply to that email saying that you're currently too busy and forward the request onto another Volunteer. 

Remember the more CD copies you give a person, the more they can share them to their network of friends and family.  In this way the message spreads much faster than just sending someone 1 CD.  The focus of this ministry is not to get a person a bunch of CDs to listen to, but to give them a packet of CDs so that they can distribute them to friends, church and family, and encouraging them to make copies. 

We want to supply the evangelists with the tools they need to reach the world. In the past, I would send someone 25 Mary K. Baxter/Bill Wiese CDs, and ask them to distribute them in their church.  One person sharing CDs to their network of friends is much more effective than someone randomly distributing CDs to people they don't know.

As CD Burner MUST have the ability to Burn/Make CDs by yourself.  For advanced techniques in making CDs, please read... http://www.divinerevelations.info/Documents/burn_your_own_cds/How_to_make_CDs.htm

You can make the CD Mailing Packets any way you wish, with any Christian material you want, as long as it has some # of CDs in them. 

As a Volunteer CD Burner you need to decide on...

    1. Decide how many CDs to put inside each packet.   (10, 20, 30, ???)
    2. Decide where you will allow the packages to be shipped. 
(USA only??,  Europe, or other countries?)
    3. Decide which Testimony CDs you are willing to burn. The CD Masters are located at http://www.divinerevelations.info/Documents/burn_your_own_cds/burn_your_own_cds.htm
    4. Decide what other Christian Material, tracks, books, etc you want to include inside the Packages you send.
(Gospel Tracts, Christian Books, Sermon tapes, you decide)
    5. Decide whether you will need to charge $money for larger orders, or International shipping. We are a non-profit ministry, trying to send out CDs for free, but some CD requests are large, and shipping to foreign countries can be expensive.  For these special orders, you'll need to work out with the person any necessary payment.  (Any donations to your ministry belongs to you, not DivineRevelations. We hope they invest into your ministry.)
    6. Decide what contact information you want shown on the Divine Revelations Website.
    For example:  John Doe <[email protected]>   European Order Only
                        Cell: (222) 2222-2222,  CD and DVD Videos

When a person contacts you for CDs to burn, you'll have to let them know what you're willing to do.  Once your name is up on the website, you work independently of us, people will contact you directly, and you do not need to report back to us.  But please keep us informed of any problems, changes of e-mail address, or suggestions for the other CD Burners.  Thank you for considering becoming a CD Burner/Distributor!  May the Lord make you very fruitful.

We have a good team of CD Distributors.
If you are ready to Join our Team of CD Burners, please contact me Robert  (at)  brownells.net

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