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The End of Time
and what the Lord showed me.
by Phyliss Maske   [Indonesian]

Date: March 26, 2006

I came home from work and it was raining.  I was very tired from all the long hours I had been putting in at the store.
When I got home, I felt the need to lay down and rest for a while.  As soon as I lied down, the Lord came and took me up high.  I could see the earth and there was smoke and fire every where!  The Lord showed me that it was the end of time.  Many parts of the earth were destroyed.  He showed me the people, they were running for their lives, but there was no place to run.  I saw large sink holes in the ground and fire was in them, and black smoke was boiling up out of the holes.  Then the Lord God showed me the news on the TV, there were reporters trying to report what was going on, but they themselves were terrified and running.  No body seemed to understand what was happening.

There was so much devastation and panic.  I could see the faces of the people, they were so horrified.  Some were trying to get to the mountain side, but fire was everywhere.  They were crying, screaming and running, looking for a safe place to hide.  But there was no place to hide, no place to run to.  They looked so hopeless and so helpless.

I thought, "Lord, Dear Lord! What is going on?"  He said, "What you are seeing is the end of time. Warn the people! Cry out!  Spare not. Lift up your voice.  I will come soon. Warn the people to repent, before its too late!"

[End of Vision]


I also feel the Lord is saying to pray like I never have before. He has given me a new burden for the lost. I cant began to tell you what a feeling is stirring in my heart and soul.

I know He is coming soon and I know we must do all we can. I also know if we don't reach out to this lost and dying world, we will have to stand before God on Judgment day.  I know I must have a clean heart, live a repented life, walk in holiness, get all the junk out of my life.  There is no room for sin in my life.

A lot of things the Lord God is showing me, new places He is going to take the ones who will work in his fields and a new refreshing is coming on us all who do the will of the Father.

Praise God, oh how I want to please Him, to serve Him, I know its not His will for one soul to perish!  I cant waste one second, there is a fire that is on me and in me. I must go forth and you must too, all for the kingdom.

by Phyliss Maske

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