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Don's Vision
Why Bother?

by Don S.   Spanish   Bahasa-Malaysia  Amharic

Early one morning, as Don sat down to a coffee break at his place of employment at Pepsi Co., he was immediately transported to a city street where he and his wife Marianne, were attempting to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to those who passed by.  But, nobody would listen to them!  In frustration, Don asked, "Why bother? What difference does it make?"

As soon as the question was asked, Don found himself standing in a deep, black, gooey muck.  He was facing what appeared to be an outdoor grandstand that reached as far as the eye could see.  The pillars on either side of this grandstand, that would have supported the roof, were black and charred, as if burnt in a fire.  Seated in the grandstand were countless numbers of people...not one seat was empty.

Don bent down and reached for a handful of black mire, which oozed through his fingers.  Then when he looked up he noticed something very alarming!  As his eyes focused on a single person in the grandstand, immediately that person burst into flames!  When Don looked at another person, that person also burst into flames!  Each time he would focus in on a person seated there, that person would start burning.

At this time, Don heard the voice of God speaking to him.  God said, "That is why to bother!  Because if you don't tell them, they will perish and burn in hell!"

Then Don found himself back at Pepsi.  This vision was the birth of their ministry..."Dear God, we will go tell them!"

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