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End Time Revelations (Rapture/Tribulation)
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Visions of the Rapture,
& Holy City.

The incredible vision of a young Puerto Rican girl who encountered Jesus Christ and was shown many events that will take place in the End Times, when the Lord comes for His Bride.
Unity's Vision
The end-time prophetic vision of a young Indian named Unity. She was shown the Rapture of the Saints, the Rule of the beast, & the Judgments of God against the wicked.
The Judgment Day & Return of Jesus
Mark of the Beast
666 Warning

What everyone needs to know. What does the bible say about it, and what are the costs of receiving it?
Mark of the beast 666: RFID Chip vs. ISLAM
Time is Fast Running OutA Friendly Remind:
Time is Running Out!

Victoria Nehale's testimony of her many visitations by Jesus Christ; giving the world another warning of His soon return.
Ricardo Cid8 Hours in Heaven
by Ricardo Cid
The Lord revealed many people, including pastors & entire churches, that will be left behind after the rapture.  God's given warning to preachers who don't teach about holiness. Without holiness no one will see the Lord.

       Prepare for the Lord's Return
                   by Bernada Fernandez.   
Sister Barnarda Fernandez was taken on 2 Journeys to Heaven and Hell with Jesus.  She was shown the Heavenly rewards prepared for the Lord's saints, the Rapture, the Great Banquet and the crows of life.  And she saw the condition of the Church, the coming judgments, and the lost souls in Hell.

Getting Yourself Ready for the Lord's Return
What do we need to know about the Rapture, what is needed for us to be ready for Jesus? Who will be taken and what will happen to those left behind?
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