The Jeager Team is world-wide intercession army, ready to fight at a moments notice.  It is not a just a prayer group, the army does NOT intercede for just anything.  It's focus is on a very specific type of disaster; time sensitive disasters which can be halted if immediate, large scale, united intercession is given.

Anywhere that a large demonic army would be gathered, ready to conduct a massacre, the Jeager Team would be notified & assembled. Similar to the Amber Alert for missing children.  For example, Mass kidnapping, Airplane/Ship Hijacking, Rampaging Mobs, Large Riots, Serious Terrorist Threats, Mass Cult Suicide, Sinking ships with many people trapped (Cave-ins), Hostage stand-offs,  Tsunami, Large Earthquakes, School shootings, etc. In these situations, time is critical, and every minute counts.


The Jeager Team is comprised of intercessors all over the world. Each team member remains unanimous, and must be accessible at any time by Phone or SMS.

A Control Center that monitors worldwide disasters would notify the Jeager Team when this specific type of time sensitive disaster turns up.  If you want to be a part of the Jeager Team, click here.

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