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Kingdom Dominion Text
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By my authority in Jesus Christ, I declare Kingdom Dominion on Earth.

I decree that the Lordís Kingdom advance on every front: May the Church be Unified, Sanctified, Blessed, Matured, Empowered & Victorious.   May the Gospel go unhindered into every nation, revival spread worldwide & souls be saved.  May Godís name be glorified everywhere, and Jesus' Kingdom be established on Earth.

I decree that satanís kingdom be utterly defeated: May his plans be exposed, his works destroyed, his efforts vanquished, his agents cast out, his captives freed, and his territory diminished.  I decree that Witchcraft, sorcery, and all dark powers be broken.  I decree all false religions be abandoned, idols destroyed, false teaching dismissed & liars discredited.  

I decree Righteousness in Government: May all corruption be exposed & removed.  May the Godly raise to power and the wicked fall.  May Liberty Spread worldwide & all Tyrants be dethroned.  My Israel be restored, sanctified & saved. I decree Justice in the Courts: May the innocent be protected and all criminals apprehended.  I decree Truth & Virtue in the Media, with wise people reporting, but fools ignored.  I decree Godís judgments in the Marketplace: May God honoring businesses be blessed, but may those businesses that promotes sin fail miserably.  May the wealth of the wicked be transferred to the Righteous.  I decree that Godliness will be honored in Entertainment.  May virtuous movies, shows, music, books, programs & art flourish, but the ungodly ones thrown out.  I decree that Godís wisdom be taught in the Schools and that our children will know God.

I decree that Godís Redemptive judgments flood the Earth, and all darkness be driven back: May abuse be stopped, abortion ended, depression extinguished, natural disasters held back, suicide & murder ceased, perversion shunned, drug abused stopped, terrorism thwarted, hunger & poverty eradicated, racism & hatred rooted out and pollution removed.  I decree Godís Glory fill the Earth.  May broken relationships be restored, divorce prevented, wounds healed, diseases cured, prisons transformed and Righteous flourish.  I decree Health, Abundance, Success, Protection, Grace and Provision for the people of God. 

In Jesus Mighty Name! 

A Christian can invoke this Decree by simply praying, "By my authority in Jesus Christ, I declare Kingdom Dominion on Earth."


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