The Vanity of Cosmetics

The Lord said, Daughter I'm going to show you women that wear make-up on their faces.

I said, “Lord, I use make-up also, I apply powder on my face to look more beautiful and cover up dark sports.”

The Lord said, “Those things do not please me, I'm only pleased with the natural look of My Saints, a woman is to please me and her husband, so she doesn't need make-up to look beautiful to anyone.
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I saw a woman holding a mirror in her hands and demons were forcing her to paint her face.  As she applied a liquid on her face, her flesh fell.  Perhaps you are listening to this message and saying that make-up is not a sin, I will tell you this now; when God speaks, we all have to obey. That woman disobeyed God while she was on earth, she was using make-up and now she is in Hell. She is in Hell now, being forced to paint her face day and night.  I saw other women in Hell, who using make-up on earth.

The Lord said, Those things don't please Me, do you remember when I said he who loves the world is an enemy of God?”  We have to obey the Bible:  1 John 2:15 - Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

We will all be judged with this word. All types of make-up you use on earth, you will use it there in Hell too. I was using wet-lips to make my lips shine and get attention from others.

I said, “Lord forgive me, because I was guilty of this.”

The Lord said, I'm doing this because of the Love I have for your soul, to bring the fear of its gravity into you, for you to understand the gravity of the consequences, so that you can tell the others to stop using make-up.

The woman was in flames and being forced by the demons to keep painting her face. I saw her lips fall off.

Women of God, don't look at your neighbor, look at your own life today and ask the Lord, say, “Lord, what are the things that I'm doing that don't please you?” ask the Lord and He will give you an answer. God stills gives answers today.


The Seventh Group of Souls I Saw in Hell
Women using Jewelry: The Vanity of Jewelry.

The Lord, Now I'm going to show you where women that use jewelries are.
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[in Choo Thomas's testimony "If you have beautiful clothes or jewelry, please don’t feel guilty about wearing them. The Lord has told me that we must not hide from others what He has blessed us with."

I saw a woman who was being forced by demons to wear earrings on her ears, a very big serpent came to her as she put the earrings on and wrapped itself around her neck.

The Lord is totally against women that use Jewelry. I protested, “But Lord, this is just an ordinary jewelry.”

The Lord, My daughter those things don’t please me.