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Psalms 98

The Book of Psalms

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Chapter 99


The Lord is King; let the peoples be in fear: his seat is on the winged ones; let the earth be moved.


The Lord is great in Zion; he is high over all the nations.


Let them give praise to your name, for it is great and to be feared; holy is he.


The king's power is used for righteousness; you give true decisions, judging rightly in the land of Jacob.


Give high honour to the Lord our God, worshipping at his feet; holy is he.


Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among those who gave honour to his name; they made prayers to the Lord, and he gave answers to them.


His voice came to them from the pillar of cloud; they kept his witness, and the law which he gave them.


You gave them an answer, O Lord our God; you took away their sin, though you gave them punishment for their wrongdoing.


Give high honour to the Lord our God, worshipping with your faces turned to his holy hill; for the Lord our God is holy.

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