1 Chronicles
Family History From Adam to Noah
Japheth’s Descendants
Ham’s Descendants
Shem’s Descendants
Abraham’s Family
Isaac’s Descendants
The Edomites
The Kings of Edom
Israel’s Sons
Judah’s Sons
Ram’s Descendants
Caleb’s Descendants
Jerahmeel’s Descendants
Other Descendants of Caleb
David’s Sons
Kings of Judah After David’s Time
David’s Family After Babylonian Captivity
Other Family Groups of Judah
Simeon’s Children
Reuben’s Descendants
Gad’s Descendants
Some Soldiers Skilled in War
Levi’s Descendants
Other Descendantsof Levi
The Temple Musicians
Aaron’s Descendants
Homes for the Levite Families
Other Levite Families Get Homes
Issachar’s Descendants
Benjamin’s Descendants
Naphtali’s Descendants
Manasseh’s Descendants
Ephraim’s Descendants
Asher’s Descendants
The Family History of King Saul
The People in Jerusalem
TheFamilyHistoryof King Saul
The Death of King Saul
David Becomes King Over Israel
David Captures Jerusalem
The Three Heroes
Other Brave Soldiers
TheThirty Heroes
The Brave Men Who Joined David
The Gadites
OtherSoldiers Join David
OtherMenJoinDavidat Hebron
Bringing Back the Box of the Agreement
David’s Kingdom Grows
David Defeats the Philistines
Another Victory Overthe Philistines
The Box of the Agreement in Jerusalem
David Talks tothe Priests and Levites
The Singers
David’s Song ofThanks
God’s Promise to David
David’s Prayer
David Wins Over Different Nations
David’s Important Officials
The Ammonites Shame David’s Men
Joab Destroys the Ammonites
Philistine Giants Are Killed
David Sins by Counting Israel
DavidMakes Plans fortheTemple
The Levites Work in the Temple
The Gershon Family Group
The Kohath FamilyGroup
The Merari Family Group
The Levites’ Work
The Groups of the Priests
TheOther Levites
The Music Groups
The Gatekeepers
The Treasurers andOther Officials
Army Groups
Leaders ofthe Tribes of Israel
David Counts theIsraelites
TheKing’s Administrators
David’s Plans for the Temple
Gifts for Building the Temple
David’s Beautiful Prayer
Solomon Becomes King
David’s Death