1 Corinthians
Paul Gives ThankstoGod
Stop Arguing WithEachOther
God’s Power andWisdominChristJesus
My Message: Jesus Christ on the Cross
Teachers Are Only God’s Servants
Apostles of Christ Jesus
Don’t Let Your People Live in Sin
Judging Problems Between Believers
Use Your Bodies forGod’s Glory
About Marriage
Live as God Called You
Questions About Getting Married
About Food Offered to Idols
Rights That Paul Has Not Used
Warning From History
Use Your Freedom forGod’s Glory
Being Under Authority
The Lord’s Supper
Gifts From the Holy Spirit
The Body ofChrist
Let Love Be Your Guide
Use Spiritual Gifts to Help the Church
Your Meetings ShouldBe Helpful toAll
The Good News About Jesus Christ
WeWillBe Raised From Death
WhatKindof Body WillWeHave?
The Collection for Believers in Judea
Paul’s Plans
Paul Ends His Letter