1 Kings
Adonijah Wants to Be King
Nathan Advises Bathsheba
Solomon Is Anointed King
King David Dies
Solomon and Adonijah
Solomon Asks for Wisdom
Proof ofSolomon’s Wisdom
Solomon’s Kingdom
Solomon’s Wisdom
Solomon and Hiram
Solomon Builds the Temple
Solomon’s Palace
The Box of the Agreement in the Temple
God Comes to Solomon Again
The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon
Solomon’s Great Wealth
Solomon and His Many Wives
Solomon’s Enemies
Solomon’s Death
Civil War
God Speaks Against Bethel
Jeroboam’s Son Dies
Rehoboam, Kingof Judah
Abijah, King of Judah
Asa, Kingof Judah
Nadab, Kingof Israel
Baasha, Kingof Israel
Elah, Kingof Israel
Zimri, Kingof Israel
Omri, KingofIsrael
Ahab, Kingof Israel
Elijah and the Time Without Rain
Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
The Rain Comes Again
Elijah at Mount Horeb (Sinai)
Elisha Becomes a Prophet
Ben-Hadad and Ahab Go to War
Ben-Hadad Attacks Again
Naboth’s Vineyard
Micaiah Warns King Ahab
The Battle at Ramoth Gilead
Summary of Jehoshaphat’s Rule
Ahaziah, King of Israel