1 Samuel
Elkanah’s Family Worships at Shiloh
Peninnah Upsets Hannah
Hannah’s Prayer
Samuel’s Birth
Hannah Takes SamueltoEliat Shiloh
Hannah Gives Thanks
Eli’s Evil Sons
Eli Fails to Control His Evil Sons
The Terrible Prophecy About Eli’s Family
God Calls Samuel
ThePhilistines Defeat theIsraelites
The Glory IsGone
The Holy Box Troubles the Philistines
God’s Holy Box Is Sent Back Home
TheLord Saves theIsraelites
Peace ComestoIsrael
Israel Asks for a King
Saul Looks for His Father’s Donkeys
Samuel Anoints Saul
Saul BecomesLikethe Prophets
Saul Arrives Home
Nahash, King ofthe Ammonites
SaulSavesJabesh Gilead
Samuel Speaks About the King
Saul Makes His First Mistake
The Battle at Micmash
Jonathan Attacks the Philistines
SaulMakes Another Mistake
Saul Fights Israel’s Enemies
Saul Destroys the Amalekites
Samuel Tells SaulAboutHis Sin
Samuel Goes to Bethlehem
An Evil Spirit Bothers Saul
Goliath Challenges Israel
David Goes tothe Battle Front
David Kills Goliath
Saul Beginsto Fear David
David and Jonathan Become Friends
Saul Notices David’s Success
SaulIs Afraid ofDavid
Saul Wants His Daughter to Marry David
Jonathan Helps David
Saul Tries Againto Kill David
David Goes tothe Camps at Ramah
David and Jonathan Make an Agreement
Saul’s Attitude atthe Celebration
DavidandJonathan Say Goodbye
David Goes to See Ahimelech the Priest
David Runs Awaytothe Enemy at Gath
David Goes to Different Places
Saul Destroys Ahimelech’s Family
David at Keilah
Saul Chases David
ThePeopleof Ziph Tell Saul AboutDavid
David Shames Saul
David and Nabal the Fool
Abigail Prevents Trouble
Nabal’s Death
David and Abishai Enter Saul’s Camp
David Shames Saul Again
David Lives With the Philistines
David Fools King Achish
The Philistines Prepare for War
Saulandthe Woman at Endor
David Can’t Come With Us
The Amalekites Attack Ziklag
David Finds an Egyptian Slave
David Defeats the Amalekites
AllMenWill Share Equally
The Death of Saul
The Philistines Rejoice atSaul’sDeath