2 Samuel
David Learns About Saul’s Death
David Orders the Amalekite Killed
David’s Song About Saul and Jonathan
David Is Anointed King of Judah
Ish Bosheth BecomesKing
The Deadly Contest
Abner Kills Asahel
Joab and Abishai Chase Abner
War Between Israel and Judah
David’s Six Sons Born at Hebron
Abner Decides to Join David
David Cries forAbner
Troubles Come to Saul’s Family
The Israelites Make David King
David Captures Jerusalem
David Fights Against the Philistines
God’s Holy Box Is Moved to Jerusalem
Michal Scolds David
David Wants to Build a Temple
David Prays toGod
David Wins Many Wars
David’s Rule
David Is Kind to Saul’s Family
Hanun Shames David’s Men
War Againstthe Ammonites
TheArameansDecideto Fight Again
David Meets Bathsheba
David Tries to Hide His Sin
David Plans Uriah’s Death
David Marries Bathsheba
Nathan Speaks to David
Nathan Tells David AboutHis Sin
David and Bathsheba’s BabyDies
Solomon IsBorn
David Captures Rabbah
Amnon and Tamar
Amnon Rapes Tamar
Absalom’s Revenge
AmnonIs Murdered
David Hears AboutAmnon’s Death
Absalom Escapes toGeshur
Joab Sends a Wise Woman to David
Absalom Returns to Jerusalem
Absalom Forces Joab toComeSeeHim
Absalom Visits KingDavid
Absalom Makes Many Friends
AbsalomPlanstoTake David’s Kingdom
David Learns AboutAbsalom’s Plans
David andHisPeople Escape
David’s Prayer Against Ahithophel
Ziba Meets David
Shimei Curses David
Absalom Asks Ahithophel for Advice
Ahithophel’s Advice About David
Hushai Ruins Ahithophel’s Advice
Hushai Sends aWarningto David
Ahithophel Kills Himself
Absalom Crosses the Jordan River
Shobi, Makir, and Barzillai
David Gets Ready for Battle
David’s Army Defeats Absalom’sArmy
Joab Sends theNewstoDavid
David Hears theNews
Joab Scolds David
David IsKingAgain
Shimei Asks Davidto Forgive Him
Mephibosheth Goes toSeeDavid
David Asks Barzillai to Come WithHim
David Goes BackHome
Israelites Argue WiththePeopleof Judah
Sheba Leads Israel Away From David
David Tells Abishai to Kill Sheba
Joab Kills Amasa
David’s Men Continue to Look forSheba
Sheba Escapes to Abel Beth Maacah
ThePeopleon David’s Staff
Saul’s Family Punished
Davidand Rizpah
War Withthe Philistines
David’s Song of Praise to the Lord
David’s Last Words
The Three Heroes
Other Brave Soldiers
TheThirty Heroes
David Decides to Count His Army
The Lord Punishes David
David Buys Araunah’s ThreshingFloor