Luke Writes Another Book
JesusIs Carried Up Into Heaven
A New Apostle Is Chosen
The Coming of the Holy Spirit
Peter SpeakstothePeople
The Believers Share
Peter Heals a Crippled Man
Peter Speaks to the People
The Apostles and the Jewish High Council
Peter and John Return to the Believers
The Believers Share
Ananias and Sapphira
Proofs FromGod
The Apostles Are Arrested
Seven Men Chosen for a Special Work
Some Jews Against Stephen
Stephen’s Speech
Stephen Is Killed
Trouble for the Believers
Philip Tells theGoodNewsin Samaria
Philip Teaches a Man From Ethiopia
Saul Becomes a Follower of Jesus
Saul Begins to Tell AboutJesus
Saul Escapes FromSomeJews
Saulin Jerusalem
Peter in Lydda and Joppa
Peter and Cornelius
Peter Speaks inthe House of Cornelius
Peter Returns to Jerusalem
The Good News Comesto Antioch
More Trouble for the Believers
PeterIs Led Outofthe Jail
The Death ofHerod Agrippa
Barnabas and Saul Given a Special Work
Barnabas andSaulin Cyprus
Paul and Barnabas Go to Antioch in Pisidia
Paul and Barnabas in Iconium
Paulin Lystra and Derbe
The Return to Antioch in Syria
The Meeting at Jerusalem
The Letter tothe Non-Jewish Believers
PaulandBarnabas Separate
Timothy Goes With Paul and Silas
Paul Is Called to Macedonia
The Conversion of Lydia
Pauland Silas in Jail
Paul and Silas in Thessalonica
Pauland Silas Goto Berea
Paul in Corinth
PaulIs Brought Before Gallio
Paul Returns to Antioch
Apollos in Ephesus and Corinth
Paul in Ephesus
The Sons of Sceva
Paul Plans a Trip
Trouble in Ephesus
Paul Goes to Macedonia and Greece
Paul’s Last VisittoTroas
The Trip From Troas to Miletus
Paul Speaks tothe Elders FromEphesus
Paul Goes to Jerusalem
Paul Visits James
PaulIs Arrested
Paul Speaks to the People
Paul Tells AboutHis Conversion
Paul Speaks tothe Jewish Leaders
Some Jews Plan to Kill Paul
Paul IsSentto Caesarea
Some Jews Accuse Paul
Paul Defends Himself Before Felix
Paul Speaks to Felix andHis Wife
Paul Asks to See Caesar
Festus Asks King Agrippa About Paul
Paul Before King Agrippa
Paul Tells About Seeing Jesus
Paul Tells AboutHis Work
Paul Tries to Persuade Agrippa
Paul Sails for Rome
The Storm
TheShipIs Destroyed
Paul on the Island of Malta
Paul Goes to Rome
Paulin Rome