Punishment for Aram
Punishment forthe Philistines
Punishmentfor Phoenicia
Punishment forthe Edomites
Punishment forthe Ammonites
Punishment for Moab
Punishment for Judah
Punishment for Israel
Warning to Israel
The Cause of Israel’s Punishment
The Women Who Love Pleasure
A Sad Song for Israel
TheLord Encourages IsraeltoComeBack
The Evil Things That the Israelites Did
A Time ofGreat Sadness Is Coming
TheLord Rejects Israel’s Worship
Israel’s Good Times Will Be Taken Away
ThereWillBe Few Israelites Left Alive
The Vision of the Locusts
The Vision ofthe Fire
The Vision ofthe Plumb Line
Amaziah Tries to Stop Amos
The Vision of the Ripe Fruit
Merchants Only Want to Make Money
A Famine of God’s Word
Vision of the Lord Standing by the Altar
Punishment WillDestroythePeople
TheLord Promises Destruction forIsrael
God Promises to Restore the Kingdom