Moses Talks to the Israelites
Moses Chooses Leaders
The Spies Go to Canaan
PeopleNot Allowed toEnter Canaan
Israel Wanders Through the Desert
Israel at Ar
Fighting the Amorites
Fighting the People of Bashan
The Land East ofthe Jordan River
MosesNotAllowedin Canaan
Moses’ Warning to Obey God’s Laws
Think About theGreatThingsGodDid
Moses Chooses the Cities of Safety
Introduction tothe Law of Moses
The Ten Commandments
ThePeopleWere Afraid ofGod
Always Love and Obey God
Teach Your Children theThingsGodDid
Israel, God’s Special People
Destroy False Gods
TheLord Promises toHelpHisPeople
Remember the Lord
Don’t Forget WhattheLordDid
The Lord Will Be With Israel
Remember theLord’s Anger
The Golden Calf
Moses Asks Godto Forgive Israel
New Stone Tablets
WhattheLordReally Wants
Remember the Lord
Israel’s Choice: Blessings or Curses
The Place for Worshiping God
Don’t Serve Other Gods
Israel, God’s Special People
Food the Israelites AreAllowedto Eat
Giving One-Tenth
The Special Year of Canceling Debts
Letting Slaves Go Free
Rules About Firstborn Animals
Festival of Harvest
Festival of Shelters
Judgesand Officers forthePeople
God Hates Idols
Use Only Good Animals for Sacrifices
Punishment for Worshiping Idols
Difficult Court Decisions
How to Choose a King
Supporting the Priests and Levites
Israel Must Not Live Like Other Nations
TheLord’s Special Prophet
Howto Know False Prophets
Cities of Safety
Property Lines
Rules for War
If Someone Is Found Murdered
Women Captured in War
The Oldest Son
ChildrenWho Refuse to Obey
Criminals Killedand Hanged ona Tree
Other Laws
ThingsThatMustNotBePut Together
Marriage Laws
Sexual Sins
People Who Cannot Join in Worship
Peoplethe Israelites MustAccept
Keeping theArmy Camp Clean
Other Laws
The Amalekites Must Be Destroyed
The First Harvest
Obey the Lord’s Commands
Stone Memorials for the People
The People Must Agree to God’s Rules
Blessings for Obeying the Law
Curses forNot Obeying the Law
The Curse of Failure
The Curse ofanEnemy Nation
The Agreement in Moab
The Israelites Will Return to Their Land
Joshua Will Be the New Leader
Moses Writes the Book ofTeachings
TheLord Calls Mosesand Joshua
Moses Warns theIsraelites
The Song ofMoses
Moses Teaches thePeopleHis Song
Moseson Mount Nebo
Moses Blesses the People
Reuben’s Blessing
Judah’s Blessing
Levi’s Blessing
Benjamin’s Blessing
Joseph’s Blessing
Zebulun and Issachar’s Blessing
Gad’s Blessing
Dan’s Blessing
Naphtali’s Blessing
Asher’s Blessing
Moses Gives Praise to God
Moses Dies
Joshua Becomes the New Leader