Jacob’s Family in Egypt
Trouble fortheIsraelites
The Nurses Who Followed God
Baby Moses
Moses Helps HisPeople
God Decides to Help Israel
The Burning Bush
Proof for Moses
Moses Leaves Midian
Moses’ Son Circumcised
Moses Arrives in Egypt
Moses and Aaron Before Pharaoh
Pharaoh Punishes thePeople
Moses Complains toGod
Some oftheFamiliesofIsrael
God Repeats His Call toMoses
Moses’ Walking Stick Becomes a Snake
The Water Becomes Blood
The Frogs
The Lice
The Flies
The Disease of the Farm Animals
The Boils
The Hail
The Locusts
The Darkness
The Death of the Firstborn
Israel LeavesEgypt
The Trip OutofEgypt
The Lord LeadsHisPeople
PharaohChasesthe Israelites
TheLord Defeats theEgyptian Army
The Song of Moses
Israel Goes Intothe Desert
Israel Complains, So God Sends Food
Water From the Rock
War Withthe Amalekites
Advice From Moses’ Father-in-Law
God’s Agreement With Israel
The Ten Commandments
ThePeopleAre Afraid ofGod
Other Laws and Commands
The Special Festivals
GodWill Help Israel TakeTheirLand
God and Israel Make Their Agreement
Moses Goes toGetGod’s Law
Moses Meets WithGod
Gifts for the Holy Things
The Holy Tent
The Box ofthe Agreement
The Table
The Lampstand
The Holy Tent
Inside the Holy Tent
The Door ofthe Holy Tent
The Altar for Burning Offerings
The Courtyard Around the Holy Tent
Oil forthe Lamp
Clothes for the Priests
The Ephod andthe Cloth Belt
The Judgment Pouch
Other Clothes forthe Priests
The Ceremony for Appointing the Priests
The Altar for Burning Incense
The Temple Tax
The Washing Bowl
The Anointing Oil
The Incense
Bezalel and Oholiab
The Sabbath
The Golden Calf
I Will Not Go With You
The Temporary Meeting Tent
Moses Sees the Glory oftheLord
The New Stone Tablets
Moses’ Shining Face
Rules About the Sabbath
Thingsforthe Holy Tent
The Great OfferingFromthePeople
Bezalel and Oholiab
The Holy Tent
The Box of the Agreement
The Special Table
The Lampstand
The Altar for Burning Incense
The Altar for Burning Offerings
The Courtyard Around the Holy Tent
The Priests’ Special Clothes
The Ephod
TheJudgment Pouch
Other Clothes forthePriests
Moses Inspects the Holy Tent
Moses Sets Up the Holy Tent
The Glory ofthe Lord