The Chariot of the Lord—God’s Throne
The Lord Speaks to Ezekiel
The Watchman of Israel
Warnings About the Attack of Jerusalem
People of Jerusalem Scattered
Prophecies Against Israel
Disaster Is Coming to Jerusalem
Sinful Things Done at the Temple
God’s Messengers Punish Jerusalem
The Glory of the Lord Leaves the Temple
Prophecies Against the Leaders
PropheciesAgainstSurvivorsin Jerusalem
The Glory ofthe Lord Leaves Jerusalem
Ezekiel Leaves Like a Captive
Shake With Fear
Disaster WillCome
Warnings Against False Prophets
Warnings Against Idol Worship
JerusalemWillBe Punished
Jerusalem, the Vine, Will Be Burned
God’s Love for Jerusalem
Jerusalem, the Unfaithful Bride
God Remains Faithful
The Eagle and the Vine
King Zedekiah Punished
True Justice
A Sad Song About Israel
Israel Turned Away From God
Babylon, the Sword
The Sword Is Ready
Jerusalem Punished
The Ammonites Punished
Prophecy Against Babylon
Ezekiel Speaks Against Jerusalem
Israel IsLike Worthless Waste
Ezekiel Speaks Against Jerusalem
Judgment Against Oholah and Oholibah
The Pot and the Meat
The Death of Ezekiel’s Wife
Prophecy Against Ammon
Prophecy Against Moab and Seir
Prophecy Against Edom
Prophecy Againstthe Philistines
The Sad Message About Tyre
Nebuchadnezzar Will Attack Tyre
Other Nations Will Cry for Tyre
Tyre, the Door to the Seas
Tyre Thinks It Is Like a God
The Message Against Sidon
The Nations Will Stop Laughing at Israel
The Message Against Egypt
Babylon Will Get Egypt
The Army of Babylon Will Attack Egypt
The Idols of Egypt WillBe Destroyed
EgyptWill Become Weak Forever
Assyria Is Like a Cedar Tree
Pharaoh: a Lion or a Dragon?
EgypttoBe Destroyed
God Chooses Ezekiel to Be a Watchman
Jerusalem HasBeen Taken
Israel Is Like a Flock of Sheep
The Message Against Edom
The Land of Israel Will Be Rebuilt
TheLordWill Protect His Name
The Vision of the Dry Bones
Judah and Israel to Become OneAgain
The Message Against Gog
The Death of Gog and His Army
The New Temple
The Outer Courtyard
The Rooms for Preparing Sacrifices
The Priests’ Rooms
The Porch oftheTemple
The Holy Place of the Temple
The Most Holy Place inthe Temple
Other Rooms AroundtheTemple
The Priests’ Room
The Lord Will Live Among His People
The Altar
The Outer Gate
The Holiness ofthe Temple
The Division of the Land for Holy Use
Offerings During the Passover
The Ruler and the Festivals
Laws of Inheritance forthe Ruler
The Special Kitchens
The Water Flowing From the Temple
Division ofthe Land forthe Tribes
The Land for the Tribes of Israel
The Special Section of Land
The Shares forthe City Property
The Gates ofthe City