The Beginning of the World
TheFirst Day—Light
The Second Day—Sky
The Third Day—Dry Landand Plants
The Fourth Day—Sun, Moon, and Stars
The Fifth Day—Fish and Birds
The Sixth Day—Land Animalsand People
The Seventh Day—Rest
TheFirstManandthe Garden of Eden
A Companion for Adam
The Beginning of Sin
The First Family
The First Murder
Cain’s Family
Adam and Eve Havea New Son
The History of Adam’s Family
People Become Evil
Noahandthe Great Flood
The Flood Begins
The Flood Ends
The New Beginning
Problems Begin Again
Nations Grow and Spread
Ham’s Descendants
Shem’s Descendants
The Tower of Babel
The History of Shem’s Family
The History of Terah’s Family
God Calls Abram
Abram Goes to Canaan
Abramin Egypt
Abram Returns to Canaan
Abramand Lot Separate
Lot Is Captured
Abram Rescues Lot
God’s Agreement With Abram
Hagar the Servant Girl
Hagar’s Son Ishmael
Circumcision—Proof of the Agreement
Isaac—the Promised Son
The Three Visitors
Abraham’s Bargain WithGod
Lot’s Visitors
The Escape From Sodom
Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed
LotandHis Daughters
Abraham Goes to Gerar
Finally, a Baby for Sarah
Trouble at Home
Abraham’s Bargain With Abimelech
Abraham, Kill Your Son
Sarah Dies
A Wife for Isaac
The Search Begins
A Wife IsFound
Bargaining for Rebekah
Abraham’s Family
Isaac’s Family
Isaac Lies to Abimelech
Isaac Becomes Rich
Esau’s Wives
Jacob Tricks Isaac
The Blessing forJacob
Esau’s “Blessing”
Jacob Leaves the Country
Jacob’s Dream at Bethel
Jacob Meets Rachel
Laban Tricks Jacob
Jacob’s Family Grows
Jacob Tricks Laban
Time to Leave—Jacob Runs Away
The Search forthe Stolen Gods
Jacoband Laban’s Treaty
Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau
The Fight With God
Jacob Meets Esau
The Rape of Dinah
Jacob in Bethel
Jacob’s New Name
Rachel Dies Giving Birth
TheFamilyofIsrael (Jacob)
Esau’s Family
Joseph the Dreamer
Joseph Sold Into Slavery
Judah and Tamar
Tamar Is Pregnant
Joseph Is Sold to Potiphar in Egypt
Joseph Refuses Potiphar’s Wife
Joseph Explains Two Dreams
The Wine Server’s Dream
The Baker’s Dream
Joseph Is Forgotten
Pharaoh’s Dreams
The Servant Tells PharaohAbout Joseph
JosephIs Called to Explain the Dreams
Joseph Explains the Dream
The Famine Begins
The Dreams Come True
The Troubles Begin
Jacob Lets Benjamin Go to Egypt
The Brothers atJoseph’s House
Joseph Sets a Trap
The Trap Is Sprung; Benjamin IsCaught
Judah Pleads for Benjamin
Joseph Tells Who He Is
Israel Invited toEgypt
God Assures Israel
Israel GoestoEgypt
TheFamilyofJacob (Israel)
Israel ArrivesinEgypt
Israel Settles in Goshen
Joseph Buys Land for Pharaoh
Don’t Bury MeinEgypt
Blessings for Manasseh and Ephraim
Jacob Blesses His Sons
Simeon and Levi
Jacob’s Funeral
TheBrothersAreStill Afraid ofJoseph
The Death ofJoseph