The Lord God’s Message Through Hosea
The Birth of Jezreel
TheBirthof Lo-Ruhamah
TheBirthof Lo-Ammi
The Lord SpeakstotheNationofIsrael
Hosea Buys Gomer Back From Slavery
The Lord Is Angry Against Israel
The Shameful Sins ofIsrael
The Leaders Cause Israel and Judah to Sin
A Prophecy of Israel’s Destruction
The Rewards of Coming Back to the Lord
ThePeopleAreNot Faithful
Israel andthe Nations
Idol Worship Leads to Destruction
Israel Forgets God and Worships Idols
The Sadness of Exile
Israel Rejected the True Prophets
Israel IsRuinedbyIts Worship of Idols
TheIsraelitesWillHaveNo Children
Israel’s Riches Led to Its Worship of Idols
The Evil Decisions ofthe Israelites
IsraelWill Pay forSin
Israel Has Forgotten the Lord
The Lord WillNot Destroy Israel
The Lord Is Against Israel
Israel Has Ruined Itself
Israel Cannot Be Saved From God’s Anger
Return to the Lord
TheLordWillForgive Israel
The Lord Warns Israel About Idols
Final Advice