Judah Fights the Canaanites
Caleb andHis Daughter
Joseph’s Descendants Capture Bethel
Other Tribes Fight the Canaanites
The Angel of the Lord at Bokim
Disobedience and Defeat
Othniel, the First Judge
Ehud, the Judge
Shamgar, the Judge
Deborah, the Judge
The Song of Deborah
The Midianites Fight Israel
The Angel oftheLord Visits Gideon
Gideon Tears DowntheAltarof Baal
Gideon Defeats the Midianites
Gideon Captures Two Kings ofMidian
GideonMakesan Ephod
The Death ofGideon
Abimelech Becomes King
Jotham’s Story
Abimelech Fights Against Shechem
Tola, the Judge
Jair, theJudge
The Ammonites Fight Against Israel
Jephthah Is Chosen asa Leader
Jephthah Warns theKingof Ammon
Jephthah and Ephraim
Ibzan, theJudge
Elon, the Judge
Abdon, the Judge
The Birth of Samson
Samson’s Marriage
Samson Makes Trouble for the Philistines
Samson Goes to the City of Gaza
Samsonand Delilah
Micah’s Idols
Dan Captures the City of Laish
A Levite and His Woman Servant
The War Between Israel and Benjamin
Getting Wives for the Men of Benjamin