Zophar Speaks to Job
Then Zophar from Naamah answered Job and said,
“This flood of words should be answered!
Does all this talking make Job right?
Do you think we don’t have
an answer for you?
Do you think no one will warn you
when you laugh at God?
You say to God,
‘My arguments are right,
and you can see I am pure.’
I wish God would answer you
and tell you that you are wrong.
He could tell you the secret of wisdom.
He would tell you that every story has two sides.
You can be sure of this:
God is not punishing you as much as he should.
“Do you think you really understand God?
Do you completely understand God All-Powerful?
That knowledge is higher than the heavens
and deeper than the place of death.
So what can you do?
How can you learn it all?
It is greater than the earth
and bigger than the seas.
10 “If God decides to arrest you and take you to court,
no one could stop him.
11 God knows who is worthless.
When he sees evil, he remembers it.
12 A wild donkey cannot give birth to a man,
and a stupid person will never become wise.
13 Prepare your heart to serve only God.
Lift your arms and pray to him.
14 Put away the sin that you still hold on to.
Don’t keep evil in your tent.
15 If you will do that, you could look to God without shame.
You can stand strong and not be afraid.
16 Then you can forget your troubles,
like water that has already passed by.
17 Your life will be brighter than the sunshine at noon.
Life’s darkest hours will shine like the morning sun.
18 You will feel safe because there is hope.
God will protect you and give you rest.
19 You will lie down without fear of anyone.
Many people will come to you for help.
20 Evil people might look for help,
but they will not escape their troubles.
Their hope leads only to death.”