God Chooses Joshua to Lead Israel
Joshua TakesCommand
Spies in Jericho
Miracle at the Jordan River
Rocks to Remind the People
TheIsraelitesAre Circumcised
First Passover in Canaan
The Commander ofthe Lord’s Army
TheBattleAgainst Jericho
Achan’s Sin
Ai Destroyed
A Review ofthe Fighting
Reading the Blessings and Curses
The Gibeonites Trick Joshua
The Day the Sun Stood Still
Taking the Southern Cities
Defeating the Northern Cities
Kings Defeated by Israel
Land Not Yet Taken
Caleb Gets HisLand
Land for Judah
Land for Ephraim and Manasseh
Dividing the Rest of the Land
Landfor Benjamin
Land for Simeon
Landfor Zebulun
Landfor Issachar
Landfor Asher
Landfor Naphtali
Landfor Dan
Landfor Joshua
Cities of Safety
Towns for Priests and Levites
Three Tribes Go Home
Joshua Encourages the People
Joshua Says Goodbye
Joshua Dies
Joseph ComesHome