Voluntary Sacrifices and Offerings
Grain Offerings
Baked Grain Offerings
GrainOfferingsFromthe First Harvest
Fellowship Offerings
Offerings for Accidental Sins
Different Accidental Sins
Guilt Offerings for Other Sins
Burnt Offerings
The Priests’ Grain Offering
The Law oftheSinOffering
Guilt Offerings
Fellowship Offerings
Rules forthe Offerings Presented to God
Moses Appoints the Priests
God Accepts the Priests
God Destroys Nadab and Abihu
Rules About Eating Meat
Rules About Sea Food
Birds That Must NotBe Eaten
Rules About Eating Insects
More Rules About Animals
Rules About Crawling Animals
Rules AboutUnclean Animals
Rules for New Mothers
Rules About Skin Diseases
Rules for Those With Skin Diseases
Rules for Mildew ina House
Rules for Discharges From the Body
The Day of Atonement
Rules About Killing and Eating Animals
Rules About Sexual Relations
Israel Belongs to God
Warning Against Worshiping Idols
Punishments for Sexual Sins
Rules for Priests
The Special Festivals
Festival of Unleavened Bread
Festival oftheFirst Harvests
Festival ofHarvest
Festival of Trumpets
Day of Atonement
Festival of Shelters
The Lampstand and the Holy Bread
TheManWho Cursed God
A Time of Rest for the Land
Jubilee—the Year of Release
Property Laws
Rulesfor Slave Owners
Rewards for Obeying God
Punishment forNot Obeying God
ThereIs Always Hope
Promises Are Important
Gifts tothe Lord
TheValueofa House
Special Gifts