Luke Writes About the Life of Jesus
Zechariah and Elizabeth
The Virgin Mary
Mary Visits ZechariahandElizabeth
Mary Praises God
The Birth ofJohn
Zechariah Praises God
The Birth of Jesus Christ
Some Shepherds Hear AboutJesus
JesusIs Presented intheTemple
Simeon Sees Jesus
Anna Sees Jesus
Joseph andMary Return Home
Jesusasa Boy
John Prepares the Way for Jesus
How John’s Work Later Ended
JesusIs Baptized byJohn
The Family History of Joseph
Jesus Is Tempted by the Devil
Jesus Begins His Work in Galilee
Jesus Goes toHis Hometown
Jesus Frees a Man Froman Evil Spirit
Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law
Jesus Heals Many Others
JesusGoestoOther Towns
Jesus Chooses Some Followers
Jesus Heals a Sick Man
Jesus Heals a Crippled Man
Levi (Matthew) FollowsJesus
JesusIsNot Like Other Religious Leaders
Jesus Is Lord Over the Sabbath Day
Jesus Heals aManontheSabbathDay
Jesus Chooses His Twelve Apostles
Jesus Teaches and Heals the People
Love Your Enemies
Be Careful About Criticizing Others
Only Good Trees Produce Good Fruit
Two Kinds ofPeople
Jesus Heals an Officer’s Servant
JesusBringsa Woman’s Son Backto Life
John Sends Mento Ask JesusaQuestion
Simonthe Pharisee
The Group With Jesus
A Story Abouta Farmer Sowing Seed
Jesus Explains the Story About Seed
Use the Understanding YouHave
Jesus’ Followers AreHis True Family
Jesus’ Followers See His Power
Jesus Frees aManFrom Evil Spirits
JesusGives Life toa Dead Girl and Heals a Sick Woman
Jesus Sends His Apostles on a Mission
Herod Is Confused AboutJesus
Jesus Feeds More Than 5000
Peter Says JesusIsthe Messiah
JesusSaysHeMust Die
JesusIsSeenWithMosesand Elijah
Jesus Frees a Boy Froman Evil Spirit
Jesus Talks AboutHis Death
WhoIsthe Greatest?
A Samaritan Town
Jesus Sends Out 72 of His Followers
Jesus Warns PeopleWho Refuse to Believe
Satan Falls
Jesus Prays tothe Father
A Story Aboutthe Good Samaritan
Maryand Martha
Jesus Teaches About Prayer
Ask GodforWhatYou Need
Jesus’ Power IsFromGod
The Danger of Emptiness
ThePeopleGod Blesses
SomePeople Doubt Jesus’ Authority
Bea Light forthe World
Jesus Criticizes the Religious Leaders
Don’t Be Like the Pharisees
Fear OnlyGod
Don’tBe Ashamed ofYour Faith
Jesus Warns Against Selfishness
Put God’s Kingdom First
Don’t Trust inMoney
Always Be Ready
WhoIsthe Trusted Servant?
Following JesusMayBringYou Trouble
Understanding the Times
Settle Your Problems
Change Your Hearts
The Useless Tree
Jesus Heals a Woman onthe Sabbath
WhatIsGod’s Kingdom Like?
The Narrow Door
JesusWill Die in Jerusalem
Is It Right to Heal on the Sabbath Day?
Don’tMake Yourself Important
YouWillBe Rewarded
A Story AboutPeople Invited toa Dinner
Decide ifYouCan Follow Me
Don’t Lose Your Influence
Joy in Heaven
Story About Two Sons
The Younger Son Returns
The Older Son Complains
True Wealth
God’s Law CannotBe Changed
Divorce and Remarriage
The Rich ManandLazarus
Sin and Forgiveness
How Big IsYour Faith?
Be Good Servants
Be Thankful
The Coming ofGod’s Kingdom
God Will Answer His People
Being Right WithGod
Jesus Welcomes Children
A Rich Man Refuses to Follow Jesus
Who Can Be Saved?
Jesus Talks AgainAboutHis Death
Jesus Heals a Blind Man
Use What God Gives You
Jesus Enters Jerusalem Likea King
JesusCriesfor Jerusalem
Jesus Goes tothe Temple
Jewish Leaders Doubt Jesus’ Authority
God Sends His Son
The Jewish Leaders Try to Trick Jesus
Some Sadducees Try to Trick Jesus
Isthe Messiah David’s Son or David’s Lord?
Warning Againstthe Teachers ofthe Law
True Giving
Jesus Warns Aboutthe Future
The Destruction of Jerusalem
Don’t Fear
MyWordsWill Live Forever
Be Ready Allthe Time
The Jewish Leaders Plan to Kill Jesus
Judas Agrees to Help Jesus’ Enemies
The Passover Meal
The Lord’s Supper
WhoWill Turn AgainstJesus?
BeLikea Servant
Peter WillBe Tested and Fail
Be Ready for Trouble
Jesus Prays Alone
JesusIs Arrested
Peter Is Afraid toSayHe Knows Jesus
The Guards Treat Jesus Badly
JesusBeforethe Jewish Leaders
Governor Pilate Questions Jesus
Pilate Sends Jesusto Herod
Pilate Tries but Fails to Free Jesus
JesusIs Nailed toa Cross
Jesus Dies
JesusIs Buried
News That Jesus Has Risen From Death
OnThe Road to Emmaus
Jesus Appears toHis Followers
Jesus Goes Back to Heaven