The Family History of Jesus the Messiah
The Birth ofJesustheMessiah
Wise Men Come to Visit Jesus
Jesus’ Parents Take Himto Egypt
Herod Kills the Baby Boys in Bethlehem
Joseph andMary Return From Egypt
John Prepares the Way for Jesus
JesusIs Baptized byJohn
The Temptation of Jesus
Jesus Begins His Work in Galilee
Jesus Chooses Some Followers
Jesus Teaches and Heals thePeople
Jesus Teaches the People
YouAreLike Salt and Light
Jesusandthe Old Testament Writings
Jesus Teaches About Anger
Jesus Teaches About Sexual Sin
Jesus Teaches About Divorce
Jesus Teaches AboutMaking Promises
Jesus Teaches About Fighting Back
Love Your Enemies
Jesus Teaches About Giving
Jesus Teaches About Prayer
Jesus Teaches About Fasting
YouCannot Serve Two Masters
Put God’s Kingdom First
Be Careful About Criticizing Others
Ask GodforWhatYou Need
AVery Important Rule
TheWayto Heaven andtheWayto Hell
WhatPeopleDo Shows WhatTheyAre
Two Kinds ofPeople
Jesus Heals a Sick Man
Jesus Heals an Officer’s Servant
JesusHeals Many People
Following Jesus
Jesus’ Followers See His Power
Jesus Sends Demons Outof Two Men
Jesus Heals a Crippled Man
Matthew (Levi) Follows Jesus
JesusIsNotLikeOther Religious Leaders
Jesus Gives Life toa Dead Girl and Heals aSick Woman
Jesus Heals More People
Jesus Feels Sorry forthePeople
Jesus Sends His Apostles on a Mission
Jesus Warns About Troubles
Fear God, NotPeople
Don’tBe Ashamed ofYour Faith
FollowingJesusMay Bring You Trouble
GodWill Bless ThoseWho Welcome You
John Sends Men to Ask Jesus a Question
Jesus Warns PeopleWho Refuse to Believe
Jesus Offers ResttoHisPeople
Jesus Is Lord Over the Sabbath Day
Jesus Heals aManontheSabbathDay
JesusIsGod’s Chosen Servant
Jesus’ Power IsFromGod
WhatYouDo Shows WhatYouAre
SomePeople Doubt Jesus’ Authority
The Danger of Emptiness
Jesus’ Followers AreHisTrue Family
A Story About a Farmer Sowing Seed
Why Jesus Used Stories to Teach
Jesus Explains the Story About Seed
AStoryAbout Wheat and Weeds
WhatIsGod’s Kingdom Like?
Jesus Explains a Hard Story
Stories Abouta Treasure anda Pearl
A Story Abouta Fishing Net
Jesus Goes toHis Hometown
Herod Thinks Jesus Is John the Baptizer
How Johnthe Baptizer Was Killed
Jesus Feeds More Than 5000
Jesus Walks on Water
Jesus Heals Many Sick People
God’s Law and Human Traditions
Jesus Helps a Non-Jewish Woman
JesusHeals Many People
Jesus Feeds More Than 4000
Some People Doubt Jesus’ Authority
Jesus’ Followers Misunderstand Him
Peter SaysJesusIsthe Messiah
JesusSaysHeMust Die
Jesus Is Seen With Moses and Elijah
Jesus Frees a Boy From an Evil Spirit
Jesus Talks About His Death
Jesus Teaches About Paying Taxes
Who Is the Greatest?
Jesus Warns About Causes of Sin
Jesus Uses a Story Abouta Lost Sheep
WhenSomeone Hurts You
A Story About Forgiveness
Jesus Teaches About Divorce
Jesus Welcomes Children
A Rich Man Refuses toFollowJesus
Jesus Uses a Story About Farm Workers
Jesus Talks AgainAboutHis Death
A Mother Asks a Special Favor
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Jesus Enters Jerusalem Like a King
Jesus Goes tothe Temple
Jesus Shows the Power of Faith
Jewish Leaders Doubt Jesus’ Authority
Jesus Uses a Story About Two Sons
God Sends His Son
A Story About People Invited to a Dinner
The Jewish Leaders Try to Trick Jesus
Some Sadducees Try to Trick Jesus
Which Command Isthe Most Important?
Isthe Messiah David’s Son or David’s Lord?
Jesus Criticizes the Religious Leaders
Jesus Warns thePeopleof Jerusalem
Jesus Warns About the Future
Only God Knows Whenthe Time WillBe
Good Servants and Bad Servants
A Story About Ten Girls
A Story AboutThree Servants
The Son of Man Will Judge AllPeople
The Jewish Leaders Plan to Kill Jesus
A Woman Does Something Special
Judas Agrees to Help Jesus’ Enemies
The Passover Meal
The Lord’s Supper
Jesus Says His Followers WillLeaveHim
Jesus Prays Alone
JesusIs Arrested
JesusBeforethe Jewish Leaders
Peter Is Afraid toSayHe Knows Jesus
Jesus Is Taken to Governor Pilate
Judas Kills Himself
Governor Pilate Questions Jesus
Pilate Tries but Fails to Free Jesus
Pilate’s Soldiers Make Fun ofJesus
JesusIs Nailed toa Cross
Jesus Dies
JesusIs Buried
The Tomb ofJesusIs Guarded
News That Jesus Has Risen From Death
Reporttothe Jewish Leaders
Jesus Talks toHis Followers