Samaria and Israel to Be Punished
Samaria, the Cause ofSin
Micah’s Great Sadness
The Evil Plans of People
The Lord’s Plans to Punish thePeople
Micah Is Asked Notto Prophesy
The Lord WillBringHisPeopleTogether
The Leaders of Israel Are Guilty of Evil
False Prophets
Micah Isan Honest ProphetofGod
The Leaders ofIsraelAreto Blame
The Law Will Come From Jerusalem
The Kingdom toBe Brought Back
Why Must the Israelites Goto Babylon?
TheLordWill Destroy theOther Nations
Israel Will Defeat Its Enemies
The Messiah toBe Born inBethlehem
PeopleWill Depend onGod
The Lord’s Complaint
WhatDoesGod Want FromUs?
WhatWerethe Israelites Doing?
Micah Is Upset at the Evil People Do
The Lord Isthe Savior
TheLord Forgives
The Jews to Return
IsraelWill Defeat Its Enemies
Praise fortheLord