The Evil Plans of People
Trouble will come to those who make plans to sin.
They lie on their beds making their evil plans.
Then when the morning light comes, they do what they planned,
because they have the power to do what they want.
They want fields, so they take them.
They want houses, so they take them.
They cheat a man
and take his house and his land.
The Lord’s Plans to Punish the People
That is why the LORD says:
“Look, I am planning trouble against this family.
You will not be able to save yourselves.* save yourselves Literally, “take your necks off it.”
You will stop being proud,
because bad times are coming.
Then people will sing songs about you.
They will sing this sad song:
‘We are ruined!
The LORD took away our land and gave it to other people.
Yes, he took my land away from me.
He has divided our fields among our enemies.
So we will not be able to measure the land
and divide it among the LORD’S people.’ ”
Micah Is Asked Not to Prophesy
The people say, “Don’t prophesy to us.
Don’t say those bad things about us.
Nothing bad will happen to us.”
But people of Jacob,
I must say these things.
The LORD is losing his patience
because of the bad things you did.
If you lived right,
I could say nice words to you.
But you attack my people like enemies.
You steal the clothes off the backs of people walking by.
They think they are safe,
but you are there to treat them like prisoners of war. They think … war Or “Returning from war, they think they are safe.”
You have taken nice houses
away from the women of my people.
You have taken my wealth
away from their small children forever.
10 Get up and leave!
This will not be your place of rest, because you ruined it.
You made it unclean, so it will be destroyed!
It will be a terrible destruction!
11 These people don’t want to listen to me.
But if a man comes telling lies, they will accept him.
They would accept a false prophet if he comes and says,
“There will be good times in the future, with plenty of wine and beer.”
The Lord Will Bring His People Together
12 Yes, people of Jacob, I will bring all of you together.
I will bring together all those in Israel who are still living.
I will put them together like sheep in the sheep pen,
like a flock in its pasture.
Then the place will be filled
with the noise of many people.
13 The “One Who Breaks Through Walls” will push through and walk to the front of his people.
They will break through the gates and leave that city.
They will leave with their king marching before them—
with the LORD at the front of his people.

*2:3 save yourselves Literally, “take your necks off it.”

2:8 They think … war Or “Returning from war, they think they are safe.”