Moses Counts the Israelites
The Camp Arrangement
Aaron’s Family, the Priests
Levites—the Priests’ Helpers
LevitesTakethePlaceofthe Firstborn
The Jobs of the Kohath Family
The Jobs ofthe Gershon Family
The Jobs ofthe Merari Family
The Levite Families
Rules About Cleanliness
Paying forDoing Wrong
Jealous Husbands
The Priests’ Blessings
Dedicating the Holy Tent
The Lampstand
Dedicating the Levites
The Cloud andthe Fire
The Silver Trumpets
The Israelites Move Their Camp
The People Complain Again
The 70 Older Leaders
The Quail Come
Miriam and Aaron Criticize Moses
The Spies Go to Canaan
The People Complain Again
The Lord Punishes thePeople
ThePeople Try toGoInto Canaan
Rules About Sacrifices
AMan Works onthe Day of Rest
AWayto Remember God’s Commands
Some Leaders Turn Against Moses
Aaron Saves the People
God Proves Aaron Is the High Priest
The Work of the Priests and Levites
The Ashes of the Red Cow
Miriam Dies
Moses Makesa Mistake
Edom WillNot Let Israel Pass
Aaron Dies
War With the Canaanites
The Bronze Snake
The Trip to Moab
Sihon and Og
Balaam and the King of Moab
BalaamandHis Donkey
Balaam’s First Message
Balaam’s Second Message
Balaam’s Third Message
Balaam’s Last Message
Israel at Peor
The People Are Counted
Zelophehad’s Daughters
Joshua IstheNew Leader
Daily Offerings
Sabbath Offerings
Monthly Meetings
Festival of Harvest
Festival of Trumpets
TheDayof Atonement
Festival of Shelters
Special Promises
Israel Fights Back Against the Midianites
Tribes East of the Jordan River
Israel’s Journey From Egypt
The Borders of Canaan
The Levites’ Towns
The Land of Zelophehad’s Daughters