To the director: A song of David.
Only fools think there is no God.
People like that are evil and do terrible things.
They never do what is right.
The LORD looks down from heaven
to see if there is anyone who is wise,
anyone who looks to him for help.
But everyone has gone the wrong way.
Everyone has turned bad.
No one does anything good.
No, not one person!
Those who are evil treat my people like bread to be eaten.
And they never ask for the LORD’S help.
Don’t they know what they are doing?
They will have plenty to fear,
because God is with those who do what is right.
You wicked people want to spoil the hopes of the poor,
but the LORD will protect them.
I wish the one who lives on Mount Zion
would bring victory to Israel!
When the LORD makes his people successful again,
the people of Jacob will be happy;
the people of Israel will be glad.