To the director: A song of David.
LORD, I come to you for protection.
Don’t let me be disappointed.
You always do what is right, so save me.
Listen to me.
Come quickly and save me.
Be my Rock, my place of safety.
Be my fortress and protect me!
Yes, you are my Rock and my protection.
For the good of your name, lead me and guide me.
Save me from the traps my enemy has set.
You are my place of safety.
LORD, you are the God we can trust.
I put my life* life Literally, “spirit.” in your hands.
Save me!
I hate those who worship false gods.
I trust only in the LORD.
Your kindness makes me so happy.
You have seen my suffering.
You know about the troubles I have.
You will not let my enemies take me.
You will free me from their traps.
LORD, I have many troubles, so be kind to me.
I have cried until my eyes hurt.
My throat and stomach are aching.
10 Because of my sin, my life is ending in grief;
my years are passing away in sighs of pain.
My life is ending in weakness.
My strength is draining away.
11 My enemies despise me,
and even my neighbors have turned away.
When my friends see me in the street,
they turn the other way.
They are afraid to be around me.
12 People want to forget me like someone already dead,
thrown away like a broken dish.
13 I hear them whispering about me.
They have turned against me and plan to kill me.
14 LORD, I trust in you.
You are my God.
15 My life is in your hands.
Save me from those who are persecuting me.
16 Please welcome and accept your servant. Please … servant Literally, “Let your face shine on your servant.”
Be kind to me and save me.
17 LORD, I am praying to you.
Don’t let me be disappointed.
The wicked are the ones who should be disappointed.
Let them go to the grave in silence.
18 Those evil people brag
and tell lies about those who do right.
They are so proud now,
but their lying lips will be silent.
19 Lord, you have hidden away many wonderful things for your followers.
You have done so many good things for those who trust in you.
You have blessed them so that all the world can see.
20 Others make plans to hurt them.
They say such bad things about them.
But you hide your people in your shelter and protect them.
21 Praise the LORD, because he showed me how wonderful his faithful love is
when the city was surrounded by enemies.
22 I was afraid and said, “I am in a place where he cannot see me.”
But I prayed to you, and you heard my loud cries for help.
23 Love the LORD, all of you who are his loyal followers.
The LORD protects those who are loyal to him.
But he punishes those who brag about their own power.
He gives them all the punishment they deserve.
24 Be strong and brave,
all of you who are waiting for the LORD’S help.

*31:5 life Literally, “spirit.”

31:16 Please … servant Literally, “Let your face shine on your servant.”