To the director: To the tune “Don’t Destroy.” A miktam of David written when he escaped from Saul and went into the cave.
God, be merciful to me.
Be kind because my soul trusts in you.
I have come to you for protection,
while the trouble passes.
I pray to God Most High for help,
and he takes care of me completely!
From heaven he helps me and saves me.
He will punish the one who attacks me.
God will remain loyal to me
and send his love to protect me.
My life is in danger.
My enemies are all around me.
They are like man-eating lions,
with teeth like spears or arrows
and tongues like sharp swords.
God, rise above the heavens!
Let all the world see your glory.
My enemies set a trap for my feet
to bring me down.
They dug a deep pit to catch me,
but they fell into it.
God, I am ready, heart and soul,
to sing songs of praise.
Wake up, my soul!
Harps and lyres, wake up,
and let’s wake the dawn!
My Lord, I will praise you before all people.
I will sing praises about you to every nation.
10 Your faithful love is higher
than the highest clouds in the sky!
11 Rise above the heavens, God.
Let all the world see your glory.