To the director: To the tune “Lily of the Agreement.” A miktam of David for teaching. Written when David fought Aram Naharaim and Aram Zobah, and Joab came back and defeated 12,000 Edomite soldiers at Salt Valley.
God, you were angry with us.
You rejected us and destroyed our defenses.
Please make us strong again.
You shook the earth and split it open.
It is falling apart like a broken wall.
Please put it back together.
You have given your people many troubles.
We are dizzy and fall down like drunks.
But you have provided a flag to show your faithful followers
where to gather to escape the enemy’s attack.
Use your great power and give us victory!
Answer our prayer and save the people you love.
God has spoken in his Temple* in his Temple Or “in his holiness.”:
“I will win the war and rejoice in victory!
I will divide this land among my people.
I will give them Shechem.
I will give them Succoth Valley.
Gilead and Manasseh will be mine.
Ephraim will be my helmet.
Judah will be my royal scepter.
Moab will be the bowl for washing my feet.
Edom will be the slave who carries my sandals.
I will defeat the Philistines and shout in victory!”
9-10 But, God, it seems that you have left us!
You do not go out with our army.
So who will lead me into the strong, protected city?
Who will lead me into battle against Edom?
11 Help us defeat the enemy!
No one on earth can rescue us.
12 Only God can make us strong.
Only God can defeat our enemies!

*60:6 in his Temple Or “in his holiness.”