A song of David.
LORD, I praise you with all my heart.
I sing songs of praise to you before the gods.
I bow down toward your holy Temple,
and I praise your name for your love and loyalty.
You are famous,
and doing what you promised will make you even more famous!
When I called to you for help,
you answered me and gave me strength.
LORD, all the kings on earth will praise you
when they hear what you say.
They will sing about what the LORD has done,
because the glory of the LORD is very great.
The LORD has the highest place above all others,
but he still cares for the humble.
Even from there, so high above,
he knows what the proud do.
If I am in trouble, you keep me alive.
If my enemies are angry, you save me from them.
LORD, I know you will do what you have promised.
LORD, your faithful love will last forever.
You are the one who made us, so don’t leave us!