A maskil of David written when he was in the cave. A prayer.
I cry out to the LORD.
I beg the LORD to help me.
I tell him my problems;
I tell him about my troubles.
I am ready to give up.
But you, Lord, know the path I am on,
and you know that my enemies have set a trap for me.
I look around,
and I don’t see anyone I know.
I have no place to run.
There is no one to save me.
LORD, I cry out to you for help:
“You are my place of safety.
You are all I need in life.”
Listen to my prayer.
I am so weak.
Save me from those who are chasing me.
They are stronger than I am.
Help me escape this trap,* trap Literally, “frame around my soul.”
so that I can praise your name.
Then good people will celebrate with me,
because you took care of me.

*142:7 trap Literally, “frame around my soul.”