(17) A prayer of David.
Listen, O Lord * Or, to my righteous plea, etc. of my righteousness, attend to my petition; give ear to my prayer not uttered with deceitful lips.
Let my judgment come forth from your presence; let mine eyes behold righteousness.
You has proved mine heart; you have visited me by night; you have tried me as with fire, and unrighteousness has not been found in me: I am purposed that my mouth shall not speak amiss.
As for the works of men, by the words of your lips I have Lit. I have observed hard ways. guarded myself from hard ways.
Direct my steps in your paths, that my steps slip not.
I have cried, for you heard me, O God: incline your ear to me, and listen to my words.
Show the marvels of your mercies, you that save them that hope in you.
Keep me as the apple of the eye from those that resist your right hand: you shall screen me by the covering of your wings,
from the face of the ungodly that have afflicted me: mine enemies have compassed about my soul.
10 They have enclosed themselves with their own fat: their mouth has spoken pride.
11 They have now cast me out and compassed me round about: they have set their eyes so as to bow them down to the ground.
12 They laid wait for me as a lion ready for prey, and like a lion's whelp dwelling in secret places.
13 Arise, O Lord, prevent them, and cast them down: deliver my soul from the ungodly: draw your sword,
14 because of the enemies of your hand: O Lord, destroy them from the earth; scatter them in their life, though their belly has been filled with your hidden treasures: they have been satisfied with Alex. children. uncleanness, and have left the remnant of their possessions to their babes.
15 But I shall appear in righteousness before your face: I shall be satisfied when your glory appears.

*16:1 Or, to my righteous plea, etc.

16:4 Lit. I have observed hard ways.

16:14 Alex. children.