(39) For the end, a Song of David, to Idithun.
I said, I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue: I set a guard on my mouth, while the sinner stood in my presence.
I was dumb, and humbled myself, and kept silence from good words; and my grief was renewed.
My heart grew hot within me, and a fire would kindle in my meditation: I spoke with my tongue,
O Lord, make me to know mine end, and the number of my days, what it is; that I may know what I lack.
Behold, you have made my days * Alex. a span long. old; and my existence is as nothing before you: nay, every man living is altogether vanity. Pause.
Surely man walks in a Gr. image. shadow; nay, he is disquieted in vain: he lays up treasures, and knows not for whom he shall gather them.
And now what is my expectation? is it not the Lord? and my ground of hope is with you. Pause.
Deliver me from all my transgressions: you have made me a reproach to the foolish.
I was Gr. made dumb. dumb, and opened not my mouth; for you are he that made me.
10 Remove your scourges from me: I have fainted by reason of the strength of your hand.
11 You chasten man with rebukes for iniquity, and you make his life to consume away like a spider's web; nay, every man is disquieted in vain. Pause.
12 O Lord, listen to my prayer and my supplication: attend to my tears: be not silent, for I am a sojourner in the land, and a stranger, as all my fathers were.
13 Spare me, that I may be refreshed, before I depart, and be no more.

*38:5 Alex. a span long.

38:6 Gr. image.

38:9 Gr. made dumb.