(62) For the end, a Psalm of David for Idithun.
Shall not my soul be subjected to God? for of him is my salvation.
For he is my God, and my savior; my helper, I shall not be moved * Or, any more. very much.
How long will you° assault a man? you° are all slaughtering as with a bowed wall and a broken hedge.
They only took counsel to set at nothing mine honor: I ran in thirst: with their mouth they blessed, but with their heart they cursed. Pause.
Nevertheless do you, my soul, be subjected to God; for of him is my patient hope.
For he is my God and my Saviour; my helper, I shall not be moved.
Gr. on. In God is my salvation and my glory: he is the God of my help, and my hope is in God.
Hope in him, all you° congregation of the people; pour out your hearts before him, for God is our helper. Pause.
But the sons of men are vain; the sons of men are false, so as to be deceitful in the balances; they are Gr. altogether. all alike formed out of vanity.
10 Trust not in unrighteousness, and lust not after robberies: if wealth should flow in, set not your heart upon it.
11 God has spoken once, and I have heard these two things, that power is of God;
12 and mercy is your, O Lord; for you will recompense every one according to his works.

*61:2 Or, any more.

61:7 Gr. on.

61:9 Gr. altogether.