(77) For the end, for Idithun, a Psalm of Asaph.
I cried to the Lord with my voice, yes, my voice was addressed to God; and he gave heed to me.
In the day of mine affliction I earnestly sought the Lord; even with my hands by night before him, and I was not deceived; my soul refused to be comforted.
I remembered God, and rejoiced; I poured out my complaint, and my soul fainted. Pause.
All mine enemies set a watch against me: I was troubled, and spoke not.
I considered the days of old, and remembered ancient years.
And I meditated; I communed with my heart by night, and diligently searched my spirit, saying,
Will the Lord cast off for ever? and will he be well pleased no more?
Will he cut off his mercy for ever, even for ever and ever?
Will God forget to pity? or will he shut up his compassions in his wrath? Pause.
10 And I said, Now I have begun; this is the change of the right hand of the Most High.
11 I remembered the works of the Lord; for I will remember your wonders from the beginning.
12 And I will meditate on all your works, and will consider your doings.
13 O God, your way is in the sanctuary; who is a great God as our God?
14 You are the God that do wonders; you have made known your power among the nations.
15 You have with your arm redeemed your people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph. Pause.
16 The waters saw you, O God, the waters saw you, and feared; and the depths were troubled.
17  There was an abundant sound of waters: the clouds uttered a voice; for your arrows went abroad.
18 The voice of your thunder was abroad, and around your lightnings appeared to the world; the earth trembled a quaked.
19 Your way is in the sea, and your paths in many waters, and your footsteps can’t be known.
20 You did guide your people as sheep by the hand of Moses and Aaron.