(105) Alleluia.
Give thanks to the Lord, and call upon his name; declare his works among the heathen.
Sing to him, yes, sing praises to him: tell forth all his wonderful works.
Glory in his holy name: let the heart of them that seek the Lord rejoice.
Seek you° the Lord, and be strengthened; seek his face continually.
Remember his wonderful works that he has done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth;
you° seed of Abraam, his servants, you° children of Jacob, his chosen ones.
He is the Lord our God; his judgments are in all the earth.
He has remembered his covenant for ever, the word which he commanded for a thousand generation:
which he established as a covenant to Abraam, and he remembered his oath to Isaac.
10 And he established it to Jacob for an ordinance, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant;
11 saying To you will I give the land of Chanaan, the line of your inheritance:
12 when they were few in number, very few, and sojourners in it.
13 And they went from nation to nation, and from one kingdom to another people.
14 He suffered no man to wrong them; and he rebuked kings for their sakes:
15  saying, Touch not my anointed ones; and do my prophets no harm.
16 Moreover he called for a famine upon the land; he broke the whole support of bread.
17 He sent a man before them; Joseph was sold for a slave.
18 They * Gr. humbled. hurt his feet with fetters; Or, his body, see Heb. his soul passed into iron,
19 until the time that his cause came on; the word of the Lord tried him as fire.
20 The king sent and loosed him; even the prince of the people, and let him go free.
21 He made him Lord over his house, and ruler of all his substance;
22 to chastise his rulers at his pleasure, and to teach his elders wisdom.
23 Israel also came into Egypt, and Jacob sojourned in the land of Cham.
24 And he increased his people greatly, and made them stronger than their enemies.
25 And he turned their heart to hate his people, to deal craftily with his servants.
26 He sent fort Moses his servant, and Aaron whom he had chosen.
27 He established among them his signs, and his wonders in the land of Cham.
28 He sent forth darkness, and made it dark; yet they Gr. embittered. rebelled against his words.
29 He turned their waters into blood, and killed their fish.
30 Their land produced frogs abundantly, in the chambers of their kings.
31 He spoke, and the dog-fly came, and lice in all their coasts.
32 He turned their rain into hail, and sent flaming fire in their land.
33 And he struck their vines and their fig trees; and broke every tree of their coast.
34 He spoke, and the locust came, and caterpillars innumerable,
35 and devoured all the grass in their land, and devoured the fruit of the ground.
36 He struck also every firstborn of their land, the first fruits of all their labor.
37 And he brought them out with silver and gold; and there was not a feeble one among their tribes.
38 Egypt rejoiced at their departing; for the fear of them fell upon them.
39 He spread out a cloud for a covering to them, and fire to give them light by night.
40 They asked, and the quail came, and he satisfied them with the bread of heaven.
41 He clave the rock, and the waters flowed, rivers ran in dry places.
42 For he remembered his holy word, which he promised to Abraam his servant.
43 And he brought out his people with exultation, and his chosen with joy;
44 and gave them the lands of the heathen; and they inherited the labors of the people;
45 that they might keep his ordinances, and diligently seek his law.

*104:18 Gr. humbled.

104:18 Or, his body, see Heb.

104:28 Gr. embittered.