1 Kings
Adonijah Tries to Seize the Throne
David Picks Solomon asHis Successor
Solomon Secures the Throne
Solomon Demonstrates His Wisdom
Solomon’s Wealth and Fame
Solomon Commissions Hiram to Supply theTemple
Solomon Prays for Israel
Solomon Dedicates the Temple
Foreign Affairs and Building Projects
Solomon’s Wealth
Solomon’s Reign Ends
Jeroboam Makes Golden Calves
A Prophet fromJudah Visits Bethel
A Prophet Announces the End of Jeroboam’s Dynasty
Jeroboam’s Reign Ends
Rehoboam’s Reign over Judah
Asa’sReignover Judah
Nadab’s Reign over Israel
Elah’s Reign over Israel
Zimri’s ReignoverIsrael
Omri’s ReignoverIsrael
Ahab Promotes Idolatry
Elijah Confronts Baal’s Prophets
The Lord Delivers Israel
The Lord Gives Israel Another Victory
AProphet Denounces Ahab’s Actions
Jehoshaphat’s Reign over Judah
Ahaziah’s Reign over Israel