2 Samuel
David Learns of the Deaths of Saul and Jonathan
David’s Tribute toSaulandJonathan
David’s Army Clashes withtheArmyofSaul
Abner Defects toDavid’s Camp
AbnerIs Killed
David Occupies Jerusalem
Conflict with the Philistines
David Offers a Prayer toGod
David’s Cabinet
David’s Forces Defeat the Ammonites
AbsalomHasAmnon Put to Death
David Flees from Jerusalem
Shimei Curses David andHisMen
The Advice of Ahithophel
David Learns ofAbsalom’s Death
David GoesBackto Jerusalem
Israel Engages in Various Battles withthe Philistines
David’s Warriors
David Acquires a Threshing Floor and Constructs an Altar There