Judah Takes the Lead
Partial Success
The End ofan Era
A Monotonous Cycle
ADivine Decision
Othniel: A Model Leader
Deceit, Assassination, and Deliverance
Gideon Meets Some Visitors
Gideon Destroys theAltar
GideonSummonsan Army and Seeks Confirmation
Gideon Reassured of Victory
Gideon Routs the Enemy
Gideon Appeases the Ephraimites
Gideon Tracks DowntheMidianite Kings
Gideon Rejects a Crown butMakesan Ephod
Gideon’s Story Ends
Israel Returns to Baal-Worship
Jotham’s Parable
God Fulfills Jotham’s Curse
The Lord’s Patience Runs Short
An Outcast Becomes a General
Jephthah Gives a History Lesson
A Foolish Vow Spells Death fora Daughter
Order Restored
Samson’s Death and Burial
Micah Hires a Professional